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  If you are engaged in translation work in Beijing Translation Company, you should constantly improve yourself both in work and in private. You should know that translation ability is accumulated from work experience and practice. How to improve translation ability has become a problem that every translator in Beijing Translation Company wants to understand. Then let the editor introduce it in detail.


  1. Strengthen one's basic literacy


  The so-called basic literacy refers to the basic prerequisite that the translator must possess, that is, the basic requirements for the translator. Apart from a noble "translation style of German" and a rigorous, serious and meticulous scientific standpoint, the translator must possess three qualities, namely, a certain level of English, a high level of Chinese accomplishment and rich academic expertise. Quantitative translation practice shows that the higher the literacy of these three aspects, the smoother the translation work can be completed. As for English proficiency, we should pay attention to laying a solid foundation, enlarging vocabulary and reading extensively. It is better to practice listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation at the same time, which can improve English proficiency faster than single-attack translation. In the aspect of Chinese self-cultivation, we should strengthen the study of grammar, logic and rhetoric, read more, write more and train more to revise articles. In terms of subject expertise, we should strive to master our professional work and know more about relevant professional knowledge. We should often read domestic and foreign nursing journals to grasp the development trend of the subject.


  2. Refinement in Translation Practice


  Translation is a creative language flow with strong practicality. To improve the ability of translation without passing through a lot of practice is like learning to swim without getting into the water. Of course, practice should also be scientific. If beginners do not have expert advice, it is better to find some materials which are difficult and suitable for their own level and have Chinese translation for translation training. When one's own translation is written, it is compared with another's. First, we should see if we are correct in our understanding. Second, we should see if our expressions conform to the Chinese language habits and find out the shortcomings. With the improvement of the level, we can find some simple articles about basic knowledge of our specialty for translation, and then gradually transit to the translation of English nursing literature. If we persist in translating and submitting more articles step by step, we will surely have a lot of fruits. When time permits, it's better to stick to translating more or less every day. With the passage of time, there will be progress.


  3. Learn from others and be innovative


  On the one hand, beginners of translation can read more English-Chinese comparative reading materials or English reading materials with Chinese annotations; on the other hand, they can find the corresponding source text according to the source text of a translation provided in a translation magazine, and then conduct comparative reading. Through comparative analysis, we can find out our own gaps, learn and absorb the advantages of others in understanding the spirit of the original text and translation expression, and promote the progress of translation ability. If you choose your own materials for translation, when the problem is difficult to solve, you should be open-minded to seek advice from others. In addition, reading books on translation skills often helps to improve translation ability. At the same time, we should have the spirit of daring to innovate. In the process of translation, we should neither stick to the translation provided by others nor be confined to the rules and regulations formed in the past. With the continuous improvement of translation ability, new ways of expression can be created according to the requirements of translation criteria and translation work can be further improved.


  To sum up, those who are interested in translating English nursing documents, especially those young people who are new to the field of translation, should constantly strengthen their own quality cultivation. As long as they are brave in practice and work hard in the fields of translation, their translation ability will continue to improve and they will surely produce rich results.

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