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  In Beijing Translation Company, we will have different language translations, and we need to master the skills. The common translations are English translation, French translation, German translation and so on. Do you know what translation skills are in the process of French translation? Friends who want to know will listen to the introduction of Beijing Translation Company.

  1、词类转换 曾经有人说汉语,就像是一条线形式的推进,一环一环再逐级的展开。而法语则是从句子的结构处到处开花,多线方面发展。所以在法语翻译成汉语的过程当中,因为存在着巨大的结构差异以及表达习惯上的差异,常常需要对词类进行各种转换,以此来达到语句通顺的目的。

  1. Some people once said that the transformation of parts of speech in Chinese is like the promotion of a linear form, one ring by one and then unfolding step by step. French, on the other hand, blossoms everywhere from the structure of sentences and develops in many ways. Therefore, in the process of translating French into Chinese, because there are huge structural differences and differences in expression habits, it is often necessary to transform parts of speech in order to achieve the goal of sentence smoothness.

  2、代词翻译 把你当中,代词是会经常出现的,尤其是再碰到人称代词翻译的时候可能会给许多翻译者造成比较大的困难,那么这个时候我们可以借助的技巧就是,采用重复名词的方式来进行关系的翻译。那么不仅能够更好地理解原文当中的各种关系,而且还能够更好,更加准确的表达。

  2. Pronoun translation often occurs among you, especially when it comes to the translation of personal pronouns, which may cause great difficulties for many translators. At this time, we can resort to the technique of duplicating nouns to translate relationships. Then it can not only better understand the various relationships in the original text, but also better and more accurately express them.

  3、减益法 在法语里面,为了能够更好地抢掉,或者是由于语句的表达习惯,通常就会采用各种重复,或者是意思差不多的语句来进行表达,那么我们将它翻译成汉语之后就会发现 ,过多的词语出现,好像显得很多余。这个时候我们就可以对词语进行适当的删减,当然是建立在不改变原文意思的基础之上。

  3. In French, in order to get rid of it better, or because of the expression habits of sentences, we usually use various repetitions or sentences with similar meanings to express it. Then when we translate it into Chinese, we will find that too many words appear, which seems to be redundant. At this time, we can delete words appropriately, of course, on the basis of not changing the meaning of the original text.

  4、长句翻译 法语句法最显著的一个特点就是长句子特别的多,因为法语句子在借助各种手段延伸之后可以达到几行,甚至是十几行的句子。碰到这种句子的时候,即使是查阅了所有的资料和词典也很难将他的原文意思弄得清楚明白。出现这种句子的主要原因就是因为,加入了很多的关系从句以及后置修饰,包括一些限定成分以及介词短语同位语分句等等一起同时使用,再通过交相辉映的手法,让法语当中的句子在某种程度上达到了延伸。所以对于学习法语的人一定要重视,法语语句的各种特点,包括法语语句习惯的表达方式。

  4. One of the most prominent features of long sentences in translating French syntax is that there are many long sentences, because French sentences can reach several lines or even dozens of lines after they are extended by various means. When it comes to such a sentence, it is very difficult to get the original meaning of the sentence clearly even if all the materials and dictionaries are consulted. The main reason for this kind of sentence is that many relative clauses and post-modifiers are added, including some restrictive elements and prepositional phrase appositive clauses, etc. They are used together, and then the sentences in French are extended to a certain extent by means of cross-reflection. Therefore, people who study French must pay attention to the various characteristics of French sentences, including the habitual expression of French sentences.

  5、词义的选择 法语的句子当中会有很多的动词出现,而作为英语的衍生语言,一词多义的现象也是非常普遍的,所以在翻译的过程当中,对于选择的单词一定要进行准确的意思拿捏,才能够更好地进行翻译。千万不能够使用各种模糊,甚至自己都不明白的单词和词组,如果选择的词语产生了歧义,那么很有可能给自己带来风险。

  5. There will be many verbs in the choice of word meanings in French sentences. As a derivative language of English, polysemy is also very common. Therefore, in the process of translation, it is necessary to pinch the exact meaning of the selected word in order to better translate it. Never use vague words or phrases that you don't even understand. If the words you choose are ambiguous, you may risk yourself.


  In the initial stage of French translation, it is necessary to memorize all kinds of French vocabulary and its variants, and to grasp the differences between grammar and Chinese firmly, including all kinds of similar words and specific sentence patterns. Although the process is very difficult and painful, as long as it reaches the advanced stage of translation. Through the mastery of various translation techniques, the translation of articles can become more fluent. At that time, maybe the long French sentence is not a troublesome problem, but a beautiful one.

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