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  As for the translation industry, as translators of Beijing Translation Company, we need to constantly improve our translation level. What are the ways to improve translation level besides learning? Here are some details for you.



  1. Speak slowly first.


  You must speak Chinese much faster than English because you don't need major vocabulary or grammar. So when you speak English, you can be assured to speak slowly and boldly. There is no need to rush at all, so you can speak more easily. Most importantly, by doing so, it's easier for the listener to know what you're talking about. With the growth of your level, you will naturally speak English faster. And as long as people understand what you're talking about, that alone will motivate you to speak more in English. The more comfortable you feel in English, the faster you can speak.


  2. Listening and Interacting, Listening to Audio Books


  Listening is everyone's way of learning a language, so we should always listen. If you are abroad, you should listen to others at all times in post offices, stores and libraries. Listen on the way to school and work. Listen to the radio and audio books and import all kinds of podcasts into your ipod. Make sure you are completely immersed in English. This will make it easier for you to think, express and communicate in English.


  3. Make full use of debris time in preparing lists


  When walking or riding, make full use of the time of debris, and think freely about how to translate some Chinese words into English. If you write them down in your notebook, as you copied in elementary and middle schools, if they overlap, you will get something. Learn two "new words" every day, which can be transformed into your own things. At the same time, in this process, how do you use sentences and phrases, you can also make amazing progress. Be sure to look back at your laptop regularly, and you will remember that output will also improve, lack of confidence, and enter a good cycle.

  4、 练习表达

  4. Exercise expression


  A good way is to translate. Targeted materials can make exercise very effective. After getting the material, you should adjust your status and imagine yourself putting some pressure on yourself on the translation website. After seeing Chinese in the material, try to express it in the most fluent language in the shortest time. If there are any words or sentences that are not fluent or well-structured, you can write them in your notebook, and then you can ask others or find them yourself. Through repeated training, more obvious progress can be made in expression.


  5. Practical Thinking


  Listening is the basis of English translation. First, as a professional translator, you must understand what the other party wants to express. With this premise, the next step is to consider how to express it in delicate sentences, which have high requirements for thinking. Understanding is not enough, because translation is a bridge of communication, so the translator's expression should be neat, so that the audience can understand each other's meaning and even essence very smoothly. The foundation of the Chinese people is very important at this time. Languages are different, but they are interrelated. Therefore, these two languages should not be biased.


  These are the ways Beijing Translation Company shares to improve its translation level quickly. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about translation, please pay attention to our official website.

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