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Create a large-scale, professional, team oriented precedent for China's translation industry.



It is necessary to be a translator in Beijing translation company. Do you know what you need to master first to become a member of Beijing translation company? Here is a detailed introduction:

1、翻译动机 。

1. Translation motivation.


Looking back on the history of translation in China, especially the history of translation in the past century, we can see that translation has always been closely integrated with social change or ideological and cultural movements in different historical periods, and that some representative translators have begun their translation activities with their explicit motivations for translation. To promote the positive role of social change or ideological and cultural movement.


2, determine the direction and lay a solid foundation.


Many people believe that only those who learn a foreign language can do translation, and the so-called translation is to translate some literary works. In the context of the current global economic integration, it is obvious that this idea is wrong. At present, from the perspective of manuscripts undertaken by translation companies, mainly practical electronic, automotive, mechanical, petroleum, chemical, financial, legal and other materials. Translators in these industries are required not only to have a good command of foreign languages, but also to have relevant background knowledge. It is impossible for a foreign language major alone to be competent for these jobs. Therefore, we suggest that friends who want to be engaged in translation work should concentrate on studying a certain field according to their interests before they set foot in translation. Only after studying in a certain field for a long time can the quality and efficiency of translation be improved simultaneously.


3, patience and professionalism.


When we read some articles, we can skip where we don't understand or words we don't know, because it doesn't affect our understanding of the general meaning of the article. But if we are engaged in translation, then any unknown or uncertain place should be studied. So-called research is not simply a dictionary search, or a search on the Internet, but should know its exact use, the true meaning, and sometimes even need to consult industry experts for guidance. I often hear some friends say that translation will encounter bottlenecks in a certain stage. But we believe that this bottleneck can be solved through continuous learning and research. Through continuous study, let his translation ability be further sublimated.


4, keep improving and pay attention to details.


The quality of translation work is ultimately reflected in the word, sentence and punctuation mark of the translation. It is especially necessary to pay attention to details. So how do we distinguish between good and bad translations? For example, the level of two interpreters is very close, sometimes, one or two key words processing, you can see whether the interpreter is excellence, whether really hard work. For example, approval, as a countable noun, means "approval" in a certain context, and can even be refined into "batch", "approval" or "approval letter" in combination with specific transactions. For example, in a certain context, is issue "issued" or "issued"? Is approve "approved" or "approved"? Considering the subject of action, collocation habits, there should be an optimal translation.


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